Adventure while travelling

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Kindness of Strangers.”

Recently I was on a trip to he Austrian Alps. I was travelling in a bus with a small trailer, where our bikes were stored. On our way back we decided to go through the Czech Republic during night. We were near the Polish border when around midnight our gasoline ended.

We were stuck. No gas stations nearby. Middle of a night in a foreign country. No one to call for help.

So our driver stood next to the bus, waved a flashlight and hoped to stop a passing by car.

Shortly after that a German woman in a Dachia stopped. But she was afraid of us (Latvians in the Czech midnight with a bus four times bigger than her car) so she drove away.

We tried to stop another vehicle, but no one stopped for about an hour.

When we started to lose our hope, some Belarusians stopped and offered to drive to the nearest gas station. Ten minutes after their and our drivers departure they returned – our driver had forgotten his wallet in the bus. The next drive to the gas station was more successful. We had the gasoline enough, to get to the Polish gas stations.

Big thanks to the mysterious Belarusians in the middle of the Czech night on highway! Europe with its versatile inhabitants is great and surprising.


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