If I Had a Hammer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If I Had a¬†Hammer.”

I’d rather have a needle. It would be useful in my life to learn to sew. There are numerous ways how to use that skill.

Firstly, I cannot say that I have the longest legs. So for me it is a problem to find jeans that fit perfectly. Every time I buy a new pair, I have to pay almost half the price of jeans to someone, who can sew them shorter.

And it would be nice if I could sew clothing for myself, that is created by my wishes and imagination. I’m not saying that there is limited variety of clothing available in stores and on the internet – on the contrary! It can be hard to find the piece to fall in love with, if there is such a great choice of clothes. However, I would find it comforting to be able to sew a dress that is not too shiny, too short, too transparent, too dark, too … not like the one in my head.