Ripped from the Headlines

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ripped from the┬áHeadlines.”

I am not a fan of reading the Headlines, because there is rarely anything good. Usually the news are sad/bad/made to attract clicks/or 10 things your boyfriend secretly wants you to do. However, there is one piece of information that I read – it’s CodeProject newsletter.

The third headline in today’s CodeProject newsletter was “What I’d tell myself about startups if I could go back 5 years“. It was informative and fun-to-read piece about a guy, who sends advice to his past self. The points mentioned there can be useful to any individual aiming to succeed in startup world.

I particularly liked these statements from the article:

  • Everyone has a hidden stash of domains they’ve never used;
  • It’s really easy to become hyper-critical and respond to every idea with “yeah but that won’t work because of x”. This is lazy, don’t do it;
  • A good developer can pick up any language or platform in a few weeks;
  • If you don’t have first hand experience of an industry, you’re probably wrong about how it works, what problems they have and so how they should be solved. Talk to people.