CD’s are history

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Going Obsolete.”

In my childhood CD’s were cool. If you got one, that meant, that you are the true fan of an artist. You have heard more songs from him than there are on the radio. And you could listen to these songs unlimited times, and weren’t even bothered by rewinding them for a long time as it was with tapes.

And there was a fuss with players too. You had to get a quality player, so that it didn’tskip a beat when you shook it more than you should. They also were too big to put in your pockets, so you had to keep them in hands or put in a bag.

I knew the sequence of songs on many, many CD’s.

However, when recently a professor ir my university demanded our homework to be submitted in a CD, I discovered, that there are no CD writers left in my home. Laptops have been getting thinner for a while, and the have lost much weight by losing CD writer. Also with the cloud technologies like Dropbox I no longer have a need to put files on a CD.

I miss CD’s not just because they remind e of my childhood, but also because they were so beautifully designed.

Do you still use CD’S?