The interview with Winston Smith from 1984

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Interview.” Interview your favorite fictional character.

Recently I have finished reading a thought-provoking book – Nineteen Eighty-Four  by George Orwell. The book was about a guy – Winston Smith – who lived in a world much like ours, but published in published in 1949.

In this world, there is:

  • continuous war (to focus people’s attention to war, not to current problems in their everyday lives);
  • doublethink (when people have two contradictory beliefs and use them according to situation, whichever pleases the controlling side of conversation);
  • propaganda and general flow of information of low quality produced by machines (just like our news pages, where is huge amount of news that entertain people to the point when they have almost no new thoughts of their own);
  • people divided in classes (upper-class, middle-class and lower class but with different names);
  • government surveillance (…);
  • etc.

So there is an idea which repeats itself several times in the book: “If there is hope..it lies in the proles”. And by “proles” Winston means the lower-class. More about that quote is explained here. Winston is a member of the Outer-party, which is equivalent to the middle-class. Proles are the only class, which can live freely (with lesser surveillance and more freedom to their life choices), without fear from the government, because the government doesn’t believe, that they have any knowledge, that might endanger government’s power.

So, here is the interview part, which is more like one question I would like to ask Winston. Unfortunately, I will never know his answer, so I will not try to guess it and make this post more interview-like.

The question is: “How comes that You, Winston, do not turn Yourself into a prole?”

1984 cover